Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today I met with my friends, John O. & Amare Gilo.  We will be starting a conversation podcast series in the spring or early summer.

This is a drawing I did of John in Nov. or Dec of last year.  The drawing below is of Gilo.  I did think while on a break at work.

Lastly, this is a bus doodle.  I have been doing these as a way to ease myself back into drawing.  I have a habit of derailing myself for decent periods of time.  The kid was really cute, he would squint his eyes and make an angry face at me for a good chunk of the drawing, which only elicited big smiles from me.


Sean Lynch said...

You are an unstoppable bus life drawing monster!

raighneHOGAN said...

BRAHH! thanks Sean!