Tuesday, December 8, 2009

book marker

This little silly thing I have been fooling around with for far too long.


justintertainment said...

Like it, as I said when I saw it last sunday, but I wouldn't say it's very representative of ALL of us. Looks more like an ad for Meghan's creations. Just saying.

raighneHOGAN said...

Thanks Justin. Well, to fair, our original card didn't really represent all of us either. It was mostly some art pulled from GMN#2. I do think this card more closely represents the feel/look of some of the stuff we aim to put out. There is a rough crudeness and handmade quality to it that I find appealing. And if Meghan's creations happen to be a mascot for us for now, I don't see why not. I certainly don't have anything else done or near completion to stamp on the card.

What we could and probably should do though is make one that pushes and peddles Yearbooks. You know we could probably do one for each book we make... although that would be extra moolah + time we would be bleeding out... something to think about though. fuck this is long.

justintertainment said...

True, but it was a little more abstract than this one. I agree that it does fit our current aesthetic more accurately than the previous card. I don't have any real issue with her creations being on the card, I was just giving you shit more than anything. I definitely think it's an improvement over the old card.

It could be cool to have a few different cards that were themed after different releases, but yes that'd suck up more precious time. In terms of cash money, we could just do smaller runs of each card instead of a bunch of one type.

I'd rather spend time on more productive endeavors, but maybe if any of us feel like taking a break from a book, we could design another card or two.

I suggest we move any further 2dc machinations to the seculsion of our gmail accounts.