Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lovejoy cover in progress

I've been figuring out tax stuff and late late late payments (new at this publishing bizniz and so far, publishing has been limited to folks that I've known for years and years).  Anyways, as of tomorrow-- everyone is going to be paid up--yay!  Going forward, numbers will be entered right away and everyone will be paid quarterly, and on time.

The tax stuff, is, unfortunately, god-damned costly (close to a thou' before all is said and done AND that is not for the year but this past quarter!).  And the next few months are going to be painful (as I will be SUPER BROKE!).  Oh well.

The image above is the first book we will be publishing this year.  The colours are still unfinished, but I am making some headway as I actually worked on it for a spell today and yesterday.  I would have gotten much farther today but my face was glued to a book (The Alienist) all of yesterday and this morning.  So I did not get enough sleep, operated like a slug, and after putting the original painted art into photoshop, it shut down after hours of work and me not saving it once!

Start again tomorrow.  Hope it's a more productive day.

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