Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Death back cover take 2

I really have to pick up the pace.  How does this look?  Done?  More time in the oven? Compatible with the front cover?  Thoughts?


'Lil Ric said...

Hnm...I like this version more than the initial one as a stand-alone image but if you're going for a wrap-around effect then the yellow sky from the first one seems like the better've sat them side by side a presume. How does yellowing up the sky on the second version look, does it throw all the colors out of whack?

raighneHOGAN said...

Thanks Ric-- I like this version better as well. The idea is not so much for a wrap around cover, though, initially I was thinking on that for the first version.

I don't think I'd want to muck about with the colour scheme too much as I dig the whole sun setting on Mr. Lovejoy.